Jam of the Day | James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had a Boat

Irish born singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow is already selling records and building a following in the UK. In 2011, he’ll descend on the U.S., guitar in hand, brilliant lyrics in tow. McMorrow’s debut record, Early in the Morning, has been released abroad for some time, but will not be available stateside until January 25th (out on Vagrant Records). We hope this JOTD nod will peak your interest, because Mr. McMorrow is one talented Irishman.

Upon our first listens of folk-pop leaning “If I Had a Boat,” we were immediately swaddled in McMorrow’s lyrical imagery (the first verse opens, “Burn slow/ burning up the back wall /long roads /where the city meets the sky”) and lush sounds (you’ll quickly hear a delightful blend of Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons, and Bon Iver). Impressed with the tune, and always wanting to share and get feedback for our posts, we sent the tune to a number of our music fan friends including music enthusiast and skilled writer, Brian D. He offered these thoughts: “I wanted to crawl inside the world of this song and float down its golden river, smell its lillies and feel its clay with my bare feet. ” Spot on, BD.

Download “If I Had a Boat” HERE and check out a mini JVM film below (pswd: James).

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