Jam of the Day | Jeremy Messersmith – Violet!

It’s really hard to talk about Minneapolis singer-songwriter, Jeremy Messersmith, without mentioning The Beach Boys. He does that Pet Sounds-meets-the-here-and-now thing quite well, kinda like The Thrills‘ 2003 album, So Much For the City, an ode to Californ-i-a, start to finish. Think: sun-drenched baroque pop that glimmers…but recedes into the shadows when the storytelling grows moody.

“Violet!” is the first single off Messersmith’s new album, The Reluctant Graveyard. The album’s name evokes a sense of mystery despite the ’60s-era fun-in-the-sun sound. “Violet!” is a perfect example of that head-on collision of light and dark.

Jeremy Messersmith – Violet!

The Reluctant Graveyard
comes out today. Get it while it’s hot.

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