Jam of the Day | Jill Andrews – Sound of the Bells

Scare away the shadows in my head still growin’
Only you and I can bring them down

Jill Andrews picked a good one to open her first full-length studio album, The Mirror. “Sound of the Bells” is a catchy, feel-good pop/rock gem that builds into its final lyric: “Only you and I will hear the sound.” And if you really listen to the songs on The Mirror you’ll find its cumulative grand message is similar: you must focus on what’s important in life.

You could also argue that Andrews’ songs are about letting go. Sure they are. Letting go is beautiful, and requires ultimate focus. And maybe that’s what “Sound of the Bells” is really about: dreaming, achieving, and believing in something new. Something that only you and someone else can feel and hear. Together.

We’re proud to be hosting “An Evening with Jill Andrews and Her Band” at Off Broadway on September 20th at 9:00 PM.  Please RSVP here.

Jill Andrews – Sound of the Bells

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