Jam of the Day | Junip – In Every Direction

The Swedish band Junip, fronted by Argentinian-born Jose Gonzalez, released an eclectic, electronic folk album last year that resulted in, at most, a moderate blip on the indie rock radar. Fields should have been all over the place, buzzing like Gonzalez’s other albums of intimate guitar and vocal work. But for some reason, it never quite set things on fire. Blame the attention span of the blogosphere if you wish, but it’s one of those anomalies that will never be decoded.

Our Jam of the Day, “In Every Direction,” brings the muted passion in Gonzalez’s unique voice to the forefront, while the intricate acoustic guitar rhythms and delicate drums keep things in check. The song then verges on breaking into something mainly electronic but is dialed back at the edge of the proverbial electro-cliff. Just in time.

Check it out below and pick up the debut, or the In Every Direction EP, here. Also, download the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. remix below it.

The Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. remix:

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