Jam of the Day | Kanye West – Runaway (Live)

And I’d rather argue with you
than to be right all by myself
‘Cause I can’t have a fight all by myself
No, I can’t have a fight all by myself

He was an asshole. He was a douchebag. Those are his words, not mine. Well, sort of. I think there has come a time when we’ve all called Kanye West an asshole or a douchebag. But damn, the man is a great live performer. I learned this a couple weeks ago at ACL, and I was lucky enough to hear him do “Runaway,” which features several minutes of West expressing his regrets/faults/demons to the world. I promise you, this is touching.

It starts getting really awesome around the 5:11 mark.

Kanye West – Runaway (Live at Coke Live Music Festival Krakow 2011) from Honza Hajicek on Vimeo.

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