Jam of the Day | Kopecky – Quarterback

If anyone ever needed an audio-example of how a band name can influence the way users consume a piece of music, I offer EXHIBIT A. Kopecky Family Band (Kopecky’s former name), draws visual images to something much more…rural than their sound suggests. Or maybe rural is a ill-conceived term and we should be using “traditional” as a descriptor of what comes to mind. But it certainly doesn’t suggest something boundary-pushing or cutting-edge. A “family band” suggests something safe. Something that grandma feels as comfortable listening to as crazy-cousin-Carl. Ok, that made no sense, but you get my drift.

But, Kopecky…on the other hand leaves the door pretty-wide open stylistically, and the first taste we get of their upcoming album, Drug for the Modern Age, may just be the perfect EXHIBIT B, as to why a name change needed to occur. “Quarterback” is a guitar-forward-all-out-pop-assault, that leaves you equally as deaf, when cranked to 11, as hook-hummingly-addicted.  I’m on my 8th repeat, if that gives you an idea of what you’re in for…lawd!

Certainly, grandma would ask us to turn this shit down. Kopecky, and crazy-cousin-Carl, should be very pleased.

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