Jam of the Day | LARSEN B – Marilyn

Speakers in Code Pop Quiz Question of the Day:

Larsen B is the name of:

1) An ice shelf in the Antarctic
2) The band name of three young blokes from Hertfordshire
3) A song by British Sea Power

Trick question bitches – it’s actually all three! Didn’t see that coming, did you? I will now attempt the impossible and relate an indie song to a disintegrated mass of frozen water.

Our Jam of the Day, Larsen B’s “Marilyn,” is a song that is warm and inviting – unlike it’s ice-shelf brethren by name. (Ka-chow!) It’s simple and sounds familiar. It doesn’t challenge any songwriting lines, but you’re immediately swept up by its chorus and melody upon first listen. Which, if we’re talking about the purpose of pop songs, is the whole point in the first place, correct?

Larsen B actually released the first version of “Marilyn” back in 2008 as part of an EP on the Try Harder label. Thankfully, “Marilyn” is being brought back and revamped on Larsen B’s debut album, entitled Musketeer, which came out earlier this year.

Check it out below – and if you like it, pop on over to iTunes and snatch it up.

Larsen B – Marilyn

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