Jam of the Day | Lemonade – Neptune

The Brooklyn based, eccentric pop trio Lemonade are set to release their first full-length record, Diver, in May of this year (True Panther). Lead single “Neptune” is a regret-drenched, lovelorn ballad that is soaked in electro-key chords and a stripped-down, yet still potent, synthetic drumbeat. Despite the feelings of desperation and melancholy that pervade the glum lyrical content (“I think that I hurt you / I kissed her / You kissed him too”), there is something inherently listenable about “Neptune,” something familiar, that elevates the track to one you just might have entrenched in a chilled out playlist this summer.

Listen to “Neptune” below. Grab the mp3 here. Preorder Diver here.

BONUS – “Neptune” remixes are available here.

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