Jam of the Day | Like Pioneers – English Garden

This is just effing exciting!

Last winter, members of Chin Up Chin Up, Bound Stems, The Narrator, Vacations, and a whole host of other Chicago bands got together over two weekends and played it out. A band just so happened to come together as a result of that recording studio reunion, and they took a name that came about from a self-deprecating joke about their mere existence depending on the help of many. Like Pioneers – all makes perfect sense.

Their entire album, Piecemeal, came out of nowhere for me. And to be honest, it’s catapulted into my top ten list for the year thus far for sure. It’s a completely healthy mix of everything that was great about Chin Up Chin Up, but with that massive feeling you only get when a ton of like-minded musicians collaborate on something that is working.

Check out the Bandcamp player below – and just go ahead and prepare yourself to click that little download button on the bottom left. You can name your own price for the song, and even the album, so give up a buck if you can – it’s well worth it.

<a href=”http://likepioneers.bandcamp.com/track/english-garden”>English Garden by Like Pioneers</a>

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