Jam of the Day | Madi Diaz – Gimme A Kiss

Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

And I know you want to take it slow
But baby you should know
I brought my stereo

How wonderful would it be to hear Madi Diaz sing today’s Jam of the Day at Bonnaroo, perhaps at one of the smaller tents, at that exact time when the sun is at least bearable, and everyone is a little tipsy? We’d all feel invincible like Eddie Vedder, climbing anything in sight, choosing to be with animals, leaving our shitty pasts behind in our rearview mirrors, screaming, “It’sssss … myyyy … bloooood!” In other words, we would feel alive again.

I still like an infectious pop song, and I believe I’ve heard the first great one of 2012, Madi Diaz’s “Gimme A Kiss.”

It just so happens that I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, so yeah, this dose of positive glory speaks to me, even on the days where it slips below freezing level and we’re all traveling at around 25 MPH on the freeway. Sometimes, we all need a freakin’ kiss.

And if you’re not dying to make out with someone with about thirty seconds left in “Gimme A Kiss,” well, you need to turn it up and try again. ‘Cause this one’s as effective as beer goggles on a hot summer night.

Diaz’s full-length debut, Plastic Moon, is available on iTunes now. Check out her “Hometowns” feature from 2011 on SIC here.

Madi Diaz – Gimme A Kiss

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