Jam of the Day | Magik Markers – Shells

Don’t you just love songs that come completely out of left field? Those seemingly out of place, yet totally amazing tunes that catch you off guard at first, but quickly become the most intriguing part of  the artist’s catalog.

Yeah, those are my favorite kind of songs.

Magik Markers are a noise rock band from Hartford, CT, but you’d never be able to tell that from listening to “Shells.” The brooding, 10-minute piece eschews the band’s usual hallmarks of fuzzed-out guitars and schizophrenic drumming in favor of soft piano and harmonium, which create a haunting atmosphere unlike anything else they’ve released.

Although the band hasn’t put out any new material since 2009’s Balf Quarry, a slot at Hopscotch this fall and confirmation of a new album suggest that things will be picking up again soon. Get excited.

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