Jam of the Day | MAS YSA – Shame

Let’s pretend that there is a perfect human being. And this person instantly brightens days when they enter a scene. They don’t come in and command a room – they operate slightly under that level, where their energy slowly filters out, unbeknownst to the people whose moods are slowly changing from grey to yellow.

This song represents the musical opposite of that person, where a negative feeling — in this case “Shame,” builds slowly and unknowingly until you’re completely consumed. You don’t really feel it taking over, but once it has, you have no other choice than to confront it head on. Then — you’re left staring in the mirror asking yourself just what the hell is the problem.

MAS YSA will make us feel SOMETHING during the Hopscotch Music Festival this year.  Hopefully it’s more euphoric than that shameful feeling you have when you fuck up real good.

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