Jam of the Day | MELODIME – Love Songs And Lies

Photo courtesy the band

cause good girls drink the water and the bad girls drink the wine
the good boys date the good girls but a good girl’s hard to find
this year is a good one but bad things don’t know why
and who’s to say the wrong girl couldn’t be the right girl this time

There’s something about piano-laded single from Virginia rock and rollers MELODIME, “Love Songs And Lies”, that feels really familiar to me — something that reminds me of high school, or college, or some time in the past. It’s got a hooked chorus and a first verse that just hook straight into something primal in my music listening — something that got me early and kept me hooked, kept me doing this. It’s a love song, even with the word lies in the title. It’s catchy and it’s gorgeous and it’s not anything like anything else I listen to these days; but it’s familiar, and I’m in a place where familiar love songs are just what I need.

It’s probably familiar to you, too, the way this song sounds. And sometimes finding something familiar in what’s new is just what you want.

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