Jam of the Day | Miguel – Use Me

The problem with “Best Of” lists is as soon as you submit your definitive picks of the tracks that dominated your turntable that calendar year, the next person you check out immediately demands a spot on that list. Then, you realize your picks can’t be altered, and your list is now completely pedestrian.You start to imagine your blog-brethren mocking you at all those swanky parties on Beverly-Hills rooftops we attend on the weekly. The models will stop returning your calls… you’re now the laughing stock of the blogosphere. The drugs will dry up, and the repo man will come snatch your iPad right out of your tear-soaked hands.

The Miguel album, Kaleidoscopic Dream, provides at least five songs that should have made our best of list, including “Adorn,” which is surely to be his breakout jam.  We chose to feature “Use Me,” however, since it’s one of those perfect 2 am tracks that should be immediately added to your “bump n grind” playlist.

You know you have one.

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