Jam of the Day | Milo Greene – Lie To Me

Jason said this perfectly back in his October 30th Jam of the Day for the Milo Greene track “On the Fence” — Milo Greene wants to dance. More importantly, they seem to want YOU to dance as well, highlighted in grand form by today’s Jam of the Day, “Lie to Me.”

Maybe it’s that I’m in Vegas right now, and there are ladies walking around in tight dresses and heels for days, but this song is seriously doing it for me folks.  I’m thinking about kicking off the Chucks,  putting on some of those shiny-loafers, and going to Clubb Hypnotix (not a real Vegas nightclub)  tonight all by my lonesome! Not to pick up ladies of course, but to cure this fucking insatiable urge to free this beat that is now pinging around inside of me.

Work this shit Milo Greene.


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