Jam of the Day | Murder By Death – Strange Eyes

Photo by Greg Whitaker

“Strange Eyes”, from Murder by Death’s upcoming 7th LP, is an absolute tapestry of sound: it’s layered and desperate and builds from a drone to a crashing of guitars and cellist Sarah Balliet’s shivering counterpoint to the melody, while frontman Adam Turla yelps and pleads that he can’t escape “your strange eyes”. Big Dark Love is Murder By Death’s second album on Bloodshot Records, and “Strange Eyes” can’t sound more like the title of the album it’s from than it does; it’s a song about a big, dark love, a stalker song, a song about loving someone too much. It’s a lush 3am kind of song, maybe the bad kind of 3am, but maybe the good kind, too. You won’t be able to escape from “Strange Eyes”, either.

Stream it at Soundcloud, and pre-order Big Dark Love from Bloodshot.

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