Jam of the Day | MyNameIsJohnMichael – Misery Runs

Forget press releases and Pitchfork. I like getting music recommendations from friends, or in this case, friends of friends of friends. Speakers in Code folk, meet MyNameIsJohnMichael. I was just introduced to the band last week, thanks to Brian who wrote me a message on Facebook to describe how “the band came out of nowhere to rock his shit” in New Orleans when it opened for Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

After doing some research, the whole story behind MyNameIsJohnMichael is quite intriguing. Native New Orleanian, John Michael Rouchell, decided it was time for a change in late 2007, so he set out to write, record, and release one song a week for the entire year of 2008. He let fans vote on which songs would eventually comprise his debut album, The People That Come and Go.

The Jam of the Day, “Misery Runs,” is a song off that release. Even if I’m a day (or in this case, year) late, I don’t feel a dollar short. MyNameIsJohnMichael is now in my summer rotation.

What started as a solo project has erupted into a full-fledged band, and apparently the live show is insane. According to Brian, “the stage show has an intoxicating energy,” so make sure you catch ’em at Lollapalooza this year.

MyNameIsJohnMichael – Misery Runs

The People That Come and Go is out now. Go grab it.

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