Jam of the Day | Onward, Soldiers – The Past

Fertile ground can be found outside the heartland, folks. Just follow my gaze east, now south, yeah, that’s it. All the way down to The Port City, good ole’ Wilmington, North Carolina, where the soil is sandy, and cotton grows like those potatoes do in other places not surrounded by salt water.

What’s cropping up has nothing to do with the Atlantic, however. Today, we’re dealing with strings not nets, focusing on one of the hardest working damn bands in the Tarheel State. Onward, Soldiers seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s not going unnoticed. They’ve been given a coveted spot on the Hopscotch Music Festival lineup this year and can apparently play every city in the state on the weekly.

Our Jam of the Day, “The Past,” gives an excellent introduction to the band. Both soulful and sublime, vocalist Sean Thomas Gerard intertwines his energy and songwriting skill masterfully, as the rest of the band keeps one of those classic railroad rhythms chugging. It’s easy to feel exactly what their live show holds and the power of the potential these guys possess.

Download “The Past” below and pick up their debut LP, Ghosts in this Town, right here.

The past may not matter now, but that future is so bright…well, you know.

Onward, Soldiers – The Past

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