Jam of the Day | Other Lives – For 12

Holy shit. Either Cameron Crowe is a prophet, or some pretty crazy stars aligned to bring this Jam of the Day to fruition. Feel my flow… In the year 2000, Crowe dropped a little movie entitled Almost Famous that chronicled a band named Stillwater, as it gigged across America, opening for larger and larger bands, until they were “almost famous.” Clever shit.

Well, Other Lives is a little band FROM Stillwater, Oklahoma, who has opened for the likes of Chapel Club, The Rosebuds, and Bon Iver. And while “almost famous” is a bit of a stretch at this point, one very important opening tour-slot was just announced for these guys. They’ll be supporting a kinda-popular band named Radiohead on the first leg of their 2012 North American Tour.

Maybe it’s serendipity that the word Stillwater links these two stories. But if this band actually grows after delivering a song like “For 12,” instead of becoming jackasses like those dudes in the movie, the cover of the Rolling Stone is not too far away!*

Check out the Jam of the Day below. It’s from their new album “Tamer Animals” which is out now.

*Another Almost Famous reference. We know Rolling Stone blows.

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