Jam of the Day | Oulipo – Dolphins

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The amount of exciting music slated to be released in 2015 is seriously staggering, but it’s time to add  yet another album to your “Most anticipated” list. Kisses to the Sky is the forthcoming album by Raleigh NC’s Oulipo, and its second single, “Dolphins,” is about to dramatically improve your day. Layers of airy synthesizers and a rock-steady bass line establish the groove early on in the track, and by the time vocalist Ryan Trauley enters the fray it is apparent we are approaching a monumental eargasm. Michael Bolton-esque keyboard textures accentuate the triumphant, infectiously catchy chorus section, and the fuzzed-out electric guitar riffage that follows puts the cherry on top of this orgasmic nugget of pop bliss.

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