Jam of the Day | Paleo – Holly Would

Photo by Cary Norton

Is there a void in your analogue-nomadic-folk record collection? Heralded as a cross between Bob Dylan and The Violent Femmes (and we’re thinking a slightly tripped-out The Tallest Man on Earth), Paleo (aka David Strackany) is the answer to your foot stompin’, midnight ghost conjurations in addition to your early summer desert traispes. Or, remember that scene in La Bamba where Ritchie meets the spiritual snake man in Tijuana to cure his extreme fear of flying? Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Paleo isn’t as unfamiliar as you might think. After his self-released LP, Misery, Missouri (yup, that’s where I live!), he went on to produce the 2008 debut album for These United States (and play almost all of the instruments on it) and create The Song Diaries, 365 songs recorded consecutively while traveling the country and sleeping in his car (which prompted Sean Moeller to dub him Daytrotter’s Poet Laureate).

Paleo – Holly Would

The new album, Spirit of the Fruit, just came out Tuesday on Partisan Records, home of Deer Tick and BOBBY. Stream the whole thing HERE (courtesy of Paste) and buy it HERE.

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