Jam of the Day | PUJOL – DIY2K

Photo by Jonathon Kingsbury

PUJOL was raised in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where he lived in a haunted house which sat one block away from the wrong side of the tracks. He spent his formative years scribbling on walls, shredding behind closed doors, and riding around in cars with older kids. He took his first communion at thirteen and secretly drank his first beer shortly thereafter in St. Cecilia’s bathroom.

As if shot out of a cannon, PUJOL has contorted through his latest flaming hoop with the recording and release of the EP Nasty, Brutish, and Short on Omaha’s Saddle Creek. Moving at the speed of the ’60s, today’s Jam of the Day, “DIY2K,” is a fist pumping, lip snarling affair that will stimulate the adrenal glands of even the lamest of lame.

Download it for free below and grab the full length, UNITED STATES OF BEING, when it’s out on June 5th.

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