Jam of the Day | Santigold ft. Karen O – Go

When I heard the new Santigold song, “Go” last week, I instantly had two responses: I wanted to boogie. And I wanted to fight someone. Being the “plugged in” gal that I am, I tweeted about my knee-jerk reactions to my small (but powerful) legion of followers, and in two seconds flat, the term “BOOGIEFIGHT” was coined. I liken the concept to the choreographed knife fight in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” Like, when you’re so mad at a bitch, you don’t know if you want to punch her, or just moonwalk on her face.

I digress.

It’s been three years since Santigold’s stunning debut album, Santogold, coursed for through my veins for the first time. I’m welcoming her back into my dance space with open arms.

The new single, featuring the illustrious (if not underused) Karen O, will surely welcome Santigold back into the world of indie hypedom. The chanting vocals whisper of M.I.A. comparisons, but the quickfire grunting, grinding bass, and underlying video-game-on-speed blips and bloops make this something altogether different.

Listen below and be prepared to BOOGIEFIGHT!


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