Jam of the Day | Sapient – Seeking New Skin

Photo courtesy of the artist

Did you feel like your life was missing a hip-hop electronica space opera? Like if the Beastie Boys had scored Battlestar Galactica along with Bear McCreary? Well, never fear, because Sapient is here with his sophomore record, Slump, to give you exactly that: a genre-defying piano pop hip hop masterpiece with lyrics full of romance and science.

“Seeking New Skin”, which you can stream below, is full of electronic starshine and handclaps, an anthem to being yourself and owning that confidence. It’s got dark imagery — these razor blades are seeking new skin — and it ends on an incredibly ambiguous, fading out note, a simple melody line that doesn’t resolve, just disappears. “Seeking New Skin” is a little mysterious and a lot representative of Slump and Sapient as an artist: uncharacterizable, fascinating, strange.

Check out the video below, and look out for Slump, which drops on February 19.


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