Jam of the Day | Scarlet Tanager – Tumbleweed

Artwork by Susan Logsdon
Scarlet Tanager burst onto the local scene in a tornado of cute. I know that particular adjective has been frequently used when describing the Saint Louis six-piece, but GD if it ain’t totally accurate. And, I mean that in the best sense possible, nowhere near a patronizing connotation.

About four or five years ago, a gal like me could easily slap the sunshine right out of the sky with a feisty, tongue-in-cheek track like Kate Nash’s “Foundations” or a girly, reggae-tinged pop jam like Lily Allen’s “LDN.” It seems that everywhere I turned, I had a new batch of insta-hit puppy dog and rainbows tunes for the optimist in me. And they were all carried by female voices.
But, where have all the cowgirls gone?

Luckily, today’s Jam of the Day, “Tumbleweed,” recalls Regina Spektor’s quirky piano-pop and Feist’s playful lyric delivery (think especially: “Mushaboom“). So, it’s no surprise that lead singer, Susan Logsdon, cites both of these female songwriters as influences. It’s an instantly likeable, most refreshing few minutes of indie-pop bliss.

The band’s debut album, American Songbird, is available now. Pick it up here. And, please for the love of all things holy, watch the crazily entertaining puppet video below.

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