Jam of the Day | ScHoolboy Q – There He Go

Swagger is something you’re born with. It’s innate, if you will, and no matter how hard you try, you either got it or you don’t. I learned this during those awkward middle school years while sporting a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket, Converse pump-up kicks, and a Champion hat tilted ever-so-slightly to the side. I used to walk down the hall, slapping fives, as Dr. Dre blared through my Walkman’s shitty headphones. I gave it my all.

Listening to ScHoolboy Q, I’m reminded of what people who have swagger actually sound like. And while I tried my best to sit around talking about doing bitches, gangster shit, and what I was going to do when my moms dropped me off at the mall, my friends always wanted to spark up the Nintendo and hit up a little Tecmo Bowl instead of a blunt.

See how our Jam of the Day, “There He Go,” makes you feel. I, for one, am wearing my khakis a bit lower today on purp.

If you like – pick up his entire new LP, Habits and Contradictions, here.

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