Jam of the Day | Shlohmo – Ghosts

Given the ubiquity of laptops amongst teenagers today and the availability of cheap, high quality music creation software, the mean age of professional electronic producers is dropping at a staggering rate.

The  Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit is next week, and looking at the line-up makes even I, at the dignified age of 20, feel old. The youngest act slated to perform for the festival is seventeen-year-old Marcel Plummer of XXYYXX, but at 22 Henry Laufer (aka Shlohmo) isn’t far behind. Hailing from good ‘ole LA, Laufer spins deceptively intricate webs of melodic IDM. Relying primarily on elegant, stripped down beats and found sound samples, Shlohmo’s tunes resides somewhere between ambient minimalism and trance music, with an atmosphere unlike anything else out there today.

Check out “Ghosts” below, and be ready for some wicked coverage of Mountain Oasis next week.

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