Jam of the Day | The Shoes – Time To Dance

Ahhhh! Our Jam of the Day makes me want to dance and not dance at the same time! I mean, on one hand, the song itself is literally the perfect song to spin when you and your friends get a bit tipsy and feel the need to bust a move. But the video, featuring a psychotic, dancer-killing, Jake Gyllenhaal makes me want to never enter the douchey confines of “da club” ever again.  What to do!?!

Well, maybe we should all just strap on our headphones and whip our hair back and forth, secretly, to this little ditty by French duo The Shoes. Then, stop all movement and watch the extended version of the song and its video accompaniment. It’s pretty freaking badass.

Pick up their new LP, Crack My Bones, which features “Time to Dance” right here.

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