Jam of the Day | Springtime Carnivore – Name On A Matchbook

Photo by Eddie O’Keefe

I think that my history of Jams of the Day (Jam of the Days?) make it clear that I love just about every era of music, and I love every piece of retro throwback sounds-like-50s-pop-or-70s-funk-or-80s-electronic-dance-music anybody wants to write me. So of course I love “Name On A Matchbook”, the first single from Springtime Carnivore (the name that Greta Morgan, late of Chicago’s the Hush Sound, is performing under these days), because it’s perfect 70’s singer / songwriter female lead vocals pop music. It’s got Morgan’s striking voice, a haze of keyboards over them so that the lyrics feel almost distant, a catchy chorus and a slightly chilling whistled melody line because the choruses.

It’s retro and modern and seriously, people, just keep making me 70s pop records: I think they are fabulous. This early glimpse into Springtime Carnivore’s upcoming self-titled debut (on Autumn Tone Records, out 11/4, is warm and fuzzed out and kind of creepy, which I think we have also established that I am super into for this fall weather that’s finally happening in the NC. It’s the perfect sonic match for the way October and November are kind of colored all yellow and orange around the edges, in a burned-out sort of way.

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