Jam of the Day | Steafán Hanvey – Desperation

Steafán Hanvey sings like he’s got some fight in him, or perhaps a demon or two that he’s been unable to shake off. Some demons, as you know, stick around — they sit at your table, make coffee in the morning, they crowd your narrow halls while you try to breathe.

The song I’m interested in is titled “Desperation,” and that’s fitting for Hanvey’s delivery: he’s definitely hanging on to something that’s falling from his grasp. Something he may have never had in the first place.

That all might sound like a familiar scenario for a song, but Hanvey’s “Desperation” stands apart by having just enough mystery surrounding its sound and lyrics. It’s taken from Hanvey’s latest album, Steafán Hanvey and the Honeymoon Junkies, which you can purchase here.

And just for kicks, I would highly recommend giving “Fair Weather Friend” a spin after you’re done with the JOTD below.

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