Jam of the Day | Steel Train – Bullet

Don’t you hate when a band’s name throws you for a loop? Meaning, maybe, perhaps, you might overlook a particular band for, you know, just a moment in time because you think it’s a ’70s classic rock group trying to make a millennial comeback? Alas, I got to Steel Train too late because of my stupid snap judgments.

But, have no fear. Consider me now fully informed. Steel Train rocks.

The band’s third, self-titled LP just came out this week, and the first track it’s offering up, “Bullet,” is your JOTD. My fellow buddy and SIC author, Jason, said that it reminds him of Clark and Rusty Griswold scampering across a Wal-Mart parking lot. Clearly, that is ridiculous and awesome at the same time. But, I see it a little bit, given its unapologetic use of the xylophone. (Or, is it the bells? Either way, it’s festive).

Regardless, this song is anthemic. It’s meant for singing at the top of your lungs. Hopefully lots of you are leaving town for the holiday weekend, so put this one on your iPod and belt it out as you make your way toward your Fourth of July destination.

Steel Train – Bullet

Listen to the album in full at the Steel Train website.

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