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Photo credit: Marty Whistitt

Ok, I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m a TV junkie. I mean, I watch good stuff. You know, the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated, groundbreaking cable stuff. (Although, I will admit, two episodes into the first season of True Blood, I am nervous that my neighbors will think that I am watching porn).

Australia’s Summer Cats can do indie pop in a rainbow of flavors, but I especially like the band’s organ-driven ode to one of my favorite hobbies: television watching. Charmingly simplistic in theme, “TV Guide” reminds me of junior high puppy love when intimate conversation equaled relaying a rerun of The Wonder Years in full detail…in a good way, of course. Scott Stevens’ sweet and straightforward vocals play up that feeling of nostalgia even more.

Overall, it’s just a feel-good couple of minutes that will rev your engine on an otherwise non-descript Hump Day. So, don’t change the channel; give Summer Cats a try.

Summer Cats – TV Guide

The 7″ featuring “TV Guide” and “Your Timetable” comes out on March 16, 2010 on Slumberland Records.

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