Jam of the Day | Sunn O))) & Ulver – Eternal Return (Excerpt)

Drone metal wizards Sunn O))) blew us away during Hopscotch in 2012, but it would seem they’ve stepped up their game since then. The band just released an excerpt from a track off their new collaborative LP with Norwegian symphonic metal band Ulver, Terrestrials. The two groups have collaborated before, but with an entire album in the works now, yet another contender for “Most Anticipated Album of 2014” has emerged.

The excerpt, from a song called “Eternal Return,” is softer than what most people would expect from Sunn O))). Their characteristic brooding, heavy sound is supplanted with Ulver’s grim orchestrations, which include strings, horns, a woodwind section and some badass synths. It’s not a lot to go on, but my excitement is certainly peaked.

Terrestrials is due out February 4

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