Jam of the Day | The Sword – Tres Brujas

With just a little over six weeks until the release of their third full-length, Warp Riders, The Sword are finally giving us a little nugget from their eagerly awaited new material. Needless to say it freaking rocks – and I’m using “rocks” as a verb here people, not a sissy adjective.

“Tres Brujas” is a scorching, guitar-laden and groove-heavy number that is proof the band has successfully expanded into new territory while maintaining its cherished heaviness. As the second track on the album, and the first with lyrics, it’s also the first chapter in the epic sci-fi narrative that spans Warp Riders.

In true metal fashion, the song encapsulates the “space opera meets post-apocalyptic western” tableau of the record, where dualistic themes such as “light vs. dark” and “organic vs. artificial” are explored. The metal stalwarts will reveal the plot in more detail through a three-part video saga beginning with the “Tres Brujas” video, followed by clips for “Lawless Lands” and “Night City.”

Make sure you stretch out your fist-pumping arm and download below.

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