Jam of the Day | T0W3RS – Summertime

Chapel Hill’s T0W3RS is one of those bands whose songs don’t fall neatly in line with the categorical system developed over the past decade by music fans, writers, and those pesky blogs. Sure, the elements are the same – no one (that I can hear) is playing the didgeridoo or doing anything purposely different to create a new sub-genre of music. Instead, the band, like its collective members, is an amalgamation of experience and emotion – a multifaceted glimpse at being a twenty something on an unknown horizon.

It’s this duality that gives our Jam of the Day, a cover of Lonnie Walker’s “Summertime,” so much force – it’s the tightrope between the universal and the extraterrestrial, the addictively hook-laden rock ‘n’ roll and the ephemeral edge of experimental music. It’s a song that is perfect for the close of summer – leaving behind a longing for even the most common, ordinary summer chore, like washing the car in some old-ass shorts.

Give it a spin below – and support them by picking up their new EP, also entitled Summertime, right here on DiggUp Tapes‘ favorite format – CASSETTE! 

Jam of the Day | Towers – Summertime

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