Jam of the Day | Teen Getaway – Bent Towards Limbo

Photo courtesy This Is American Music

I love it when bands who don’t sound like anyone else coin their own genres for me (because I like to coin weird genre descriptors myself): Teen Getaway, another supremely talented band out of the overflowing Alabama scene, calls the dueling guitars, thumping bass, processed girl-boy harmony songs of their latest record, Hits And Missives, “bubblegum skronk”, and I have no idea what that means except that it suits their sound absolutely to a tee.

“Bent Towards Limbo” rambles from chiming, echoing guitar lines to edgy, sludgy point-and-counterpoint verses split between singers, and fills so much more space than the 4:18 it purports to last. It’s space-age indie rock with an alien guitar solo and drums that almost want to run away with the whole thing. The song ends as abruptly as it begins, both start and finish a little hazed with feedback and fuzz. If you wrote a song about aliens on Jupiter, it would sound like this song.

This is American Music calls them “wonderful weird”. That’s a pretty good descriptor, too. I need more wonderful weird in my life, and so do you.

Stream “Bent Towards Limbo” below, and get the rest of the wonderful weird record here.

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