Jam of the Day | Tennis – Take Me Somewhere

The indie scene in 2011 has seen more ’60s girl group-inspired tracks than Carter’s got liver pills. (Think: The Crystals, The Shirelles, and The Shangri-Las). And I’ve got more antiquated sayings than you can shake a stick at. You can thank artists like Lissie, La Sera, and now Tennis for the former. You can thank my father for the latter.

Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, who make up the Denver duo, bring you the Jam of the Day, “Take Me Somewhere.” On this song, Moore skirts the Mickey Mouse games and delivers a perfectly poetic, yet straight-to-the-point, wish that her big, strong sailor will return home: “Sittin’ in the sand/ waitin’ for you to return to land…”

Give it a listen below.

The band just wrapped its next album, Cape Dory, its first for Fat Possum. You can pick up the whole kit and caboodle on its January 18th release date.

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