Jam of the Day | The Trews – One By One

The first line of today’s Jam of the Day gives it away — these dudes are Canadian. I mean, if you’re singing about being unable to find a station on the radio while driving through North Ontario, you’re either a Canuck, or you just got really lost. Luckily, The Trews aren’t lost. They’re just Candian rockers who are pretty awesome.

“One By One” doesn’t rock as hard as some of The Trews’ other tunes, but that’s okay by me. Most of the time, I’m a sucker for melody and harmony, and that’s what caught my ear here. That and when they sing, “every heart is a loaded gun.” That’s my kind of anthem.

The Trews’ latest album, Hope & Ruin, was released on April 12th. Purchase yourself a copy after you listen to the JOTD below!

The Trews – One By One

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