Jam of the Day | Turf War – Pay My Dues

Hooo-weee! By the sound of this, the weather isn’t the only thing warming up down there in Hotlanta! Turf War, who is releasing their new EP, The Great Escape on April 30th, just busted up all improper-like on our radar screen…totally not the way a southern gentleman is supposed to act. I declare!

For real, this shit is good. Our JOTD, “Pay My Dues,” is that perfect blend of heavy guitar and melodic sing-a-long. You can almost imagine this shit coming from the early 80’s punk scene dominated by sassy Brits weighted down by pounds of Dippity Do and Aqua Net.

That’s a good thing in my book – and I for one, will be there when they play Hopscotch this year. Ye-yuh.

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