Jam of the Day | Volcano Choir – Byegone

Photo by: Cameron Wittig

You know what were saying ‘bout us now. He’s a legend. I’m a legend. And we both go tripping thru the door.”

I’m pretty sure Justin Vernon isn’t talking about himself here, but I think it’s about high-time to admit that he damn well could sing that line about himself without looking like an egotistical asshole. He’s the Midas of the music industry right now, as illustrated by his work on everything from Bon Iver, to GAYNGS, to his assistance on the new Kanye West masterpiece.

True to form, “Byegone” is a swelling, churning, ocean of a song, that sounds less like a side project, and more like him sticking his toe back into the soaring songwriting that made the last Bon Iver record so damn amazing.

Check it out below – and make sure to pick up the next Volcano Choir LP, Repave, when it drops September 3rd.

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