Jam of The Day | Wilco – Can’t Stand It

Welcome to the inaugural post of Speakers in Code, named for that wonderfully ambiguous repeat lyric from Wilco’s 1999 single, “Can’t Stand It.”  As much as I love venturing into new musical territory, one thing is for sure: all roads lead back to Wilco.  Jason, my partner in blogging, feels the same.  And so it just seems fitting that we start our new adventure, purposely holding fast to our old standby.

On the Summerteeth track, Jeff Tweedy sings, “Funny how we make new friends…”  So many of our best relationships are built on the foundation of music, and we’re excited about the prospect of turning strangers into friends via this blog.

You know it’s all beginning…”  So, stay tuned!

Watch a ten years younger Wilco perform your JOTD at the 1999 Glastonbury Festival:

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