Jam of the Day | Wilco – I Might

This past weekend at their self-curated music festival (Solid Sound at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), Chicago-based rockers Wilco played a new single entitled “I Might.” Available only on vinyl (for now), “I Might” is a straight-forward, buzzy rocker with keyboard and xylophone notes that provide hints of a 1960’s vibe. The track is a definite throwback to the pre-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot days before Wilco was ever dubbed “experimental.” There are no drawn out, cacophonous, musical tangles here. “I Might” is a classic, no-nonsense tune with a steadfast beat, gravelly guitars, and Jeff Tweedy’s signature vocals. We’re digging it.

Listen to “I Might” below. Buy the vinyl here. Or, wait patiently for the digital release of the track, coming on July 18th. Wilco’s new LP (their 8th studio record) The Whole Love is expected to be released on the group’s new record label dBpm sometime this fall.

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