Jam of the Day | Young Prisms – Runner

Photo | Courtney Gray

Young Prisms’ sophomore LP, In Between, has been out for almost a year now, but it took a priming of our ears, and current musical environment, to finally nudge us to take note of a band that we’ve let slip between our keyboard-callused fingers for far too long now.

Perhaps it’s the reemergence of My Bloody Valentine, or maybe it was seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain over the summer that allowed us to reopen our hearts to the possibility that fuzzed-out, pedal driven pop could capture our attention enough to rise above the cacophony of sludge that litters our email inbox.

Well, Young Prisms, congrats. You now have our ears. And thank you for making us listen. And while “Runner” can’t be added posthumously to our “Best Of” list for 2012…we certainly will not forget our omittance when we revisit it in the years to come.

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