Jam of the Day | Zeus – Are You Gonna’ Waste My Time

Photo by Derek Branscombe

I woke up on an island this morning, but not one of those deserted kinds – it’s the inhabited kind we have here in the southeast, packed with equal parts Yankee and redneck. Anyway, I got out of bed, wanting something to soundtrack my morning. Everyone else in the house was asleep, and the sun was just starting its ascent into a hazy, blue sky.

But, when I clicked on the below video, I wasn’t greeted with something befitting my current experience. It sounded like a dangerous cross between early Supergrass and The James Gang, with some late-era Beatles thrown in just to fuck with my brain a little bit more. It blew my mind so hard, I saw rainbow colored seashells in the sky.

I finished it. Then, I got my ass up and took it back to bed. Thanks for the Jam of the Day, Zeus. I’m going to need to sleep this one off.

Get your mind blown as well. Click below, then go pick up their new album, Burst Visions, when it comes out August 13th. Then, after you’re a fan, drive, fly, or walk to Raleigh, NC, for this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival to seem them do their thing live.

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