Jbl 2500 Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for JBL 2500 speakers, there are a few key points to consider. First, consider the sound quality. This is an important factor when choosing speakers, as it will determine how your music sounds. Second, consider the power output. This will determine how loud the speakers can get and how much bass they can produce. Third, consider the design. You want to make sure the speakers look good and fit in with the rest of your audio equipment. Fourth, consider the price. You want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Finally, consider the warranty. This will give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with your speakers. All in all, these five key points should be taken into consideration when looking for JBL 2500 speakers.

JBL 2500 speakers are a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, high-quality audio system. With their impressive power output, great sound quality, and sleek design, these speakers will provide an immersive listening experience. They are also relatively affordable, making them an excellent value for money. When looking for JBL 2500 speakers, be sure to consider the sound quality, power output, design, price, and warranty. Doing so will ensure you get the best speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling Jbl 2500 Speakers

1. Jbl Srx918s 2,500-Watt 18-Inch Powered Subwoofer

The JBL SRX918S is a powerful subwoofer that offers up to 2,500 watts of power and an 18-inch driver for excellent sound quality. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, allowing it to be connected to a variety of audio systems. Additionally, it comes with the JBL Software Suite, which provides users with an intuitive way to customize their audio experience. With the JBL SRX918S, users can also access an on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which allows them to fine-tune their sound. Lastly, the LCD screen makes it easy to quickly review and adjust settings.

The JBL SRX918S is an ideal solution for venues and audio professionals looking to add a powerful and reliable subwoofer to their sound system. With its impressive sound quality, it can be used to add depth and power to any performance. The built-in Wi-Fi compatibility allows users to easily connect the subwoofer to other audio systems for increased versatility. In addition, the JBL Software Suite and DSP give users the ability to customize their audio to their exact specifications. Lastly, the LCD screen makes it easy to adjust settings quickly and accurately.

The JBL SRX918S is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and reliable sound solution. It offers up to 2,500 watts of power and an 18-inch driver for great sound quality. The Wi-Fi compatibility and JBL Software Suite allow users to customize their sound to their exact specifications. Additionally, the on-board DSP and LCD screen make it easy to quickly adjust settings and fine-tune their audio. With the JBL SRX918S, users can enjoy a professional-grade sound system that is sure to impress.

2. Jbl Professional Eon One Mk2 All-In-One, Rechargeable Column-Speaker Personal Pa

The JBL Professional EON ONE Mk2 All-In-One, Rechargeable Column-Speaker Personal PA is a powerful and reliable sound system for events and venues of all sizes. It features an 8-speaker c-shaped array consisting of 2-inch tweeters that provide crisp, clear sound and 140°H x30°V dispersion for room-filling sound. The 10-inch woofer in an acoustically optimized cabinet delivers a natural and smooth low end, reaching down to 37 Hz. It also features Variable Power Performance, which automatically optimizes power performance to deliver up to an impressive 123 dB peak SPL using AC power, and 119 dB peak using battery power. With a built-in 1,500-Watt (peak) amplifier and frequency response of 37 Hz–20 kHz @ -10 dB; 45 Hz –20 kHz @ -3 dB, this system will provide professional-grade sound quality. Whether you’re in a large venue or a smaller, more intimate setting, the JBL Professional EON ONE Mk2 All-In-One, Rechargeable Column-Speaker Personal PA is the perfect option for providing great sound.

3. Jbl Prx415m 15" Passive Stage Monitor & Loudspeaker System

The JBL Professional PRX415M is a high-quality, multi-purpose speaker system perfect for main sound reinforcement or stage/studio monitoring. This portable 2-way passive utility stage monitor and loudspeaker system features a 15-inch driver and provides a 90 Degree x 50 Degree coverage for even and smooth response on and off axis for optimal sound performance.

The PRX415M has NL-2 and 1/4" phone combo connection jacks and a passive network for accurate reproduction throughout the cross-over region. It is also rated for 300W continuous, 600W program, and 1200W peak power. This lightweight and compact speaker system includes rubber-coated carrying handles for maximum portability.

The JBL Professional PRX415M is an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful and reliable speaker system that can provide main sound reinforcement or stage/studio monitoring. Its even and smooth response on and off axis, along with its high power rating, make it a great choice for optimal sound performance. The lightweight and compact design with rubber-coated carrying handles also make it incredibly portable and easy to transport.

Overall, the JBL Professional PRX415M is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful speaker system capable of providing main sound reinforcement or stage/studio monitoring. Its even and smooth response, high power rating, and lightweight and compact design make it an ideal choice for optimal sound performance and portability.

4. Jbl 2 Irx108bt 8" 1000w Powered Dj Portable Pa Speakers W/bluetooth+stands+mics

The JBL IRX108BT 8" 1000w Powered DJ Portable PA Speakers w/Bluetooth+Stands+Mics is a package that includes two JBL IRX108BT 8" 1000 watt powered active DJ portable PA speakers with Bluetooth, one pair of RockvilIe adjustable tripod speaker/light stands, two 20 foot XLR cables, and one RockvilIe RWM72U dual wireless handheld microphone system digital display.

This system is designed to provide optimal sound, with four real-world EQ presets that take the guesswork out of sound optimization and dbx AFS feedback suppression. Bluetooth integration allows for stereo streaming of music, soundtracks and backing tracks, and a one-touch ducking feature automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected. The wide frequency response of 54 Hz to 20 kHz makes it a versatile system, and the lightweight design makes it easy to transport.

The two XLR/TRS combo input jacks and one XLR out offer a range of connectivity options and the input accepts mic or line source to enhance versatility. Ergonomic handles make transport quick and easy and the durable honeycomb steel grille is road-tested for reliability. The built-in pole mount expands system set-up options, and the adjustable height speaker stands feature steel construction and a weight capacity of 132 lbs.

The RockvilIe RWM72U dual wireless handheld microphone system digital display is a high performance system with long range and high sensitivity cartridges. The unidirectional, wireless cardioid polar pattern features a dual filter design to limit feedback and interference. The system also includes a microphone receiver and two handheld microphones, with durable composite microphone construction and a comfortable rubbery coating. The LCD display ensures low power consumption for longer battery life.

5. Jbl Partybox 310: Portable Speaker W/ Long-Lasting Battery & Light Show.

The JBL Partybox 310 is the ultimate portable party speaker to bring your next event to the next level. With 240 watts of powerful JBL pro sound, you'll be sure to provide a lively soundtrack to your party. Keep the energy going with an exciting light show that dances to the beat of your music with subtle pulsing and powerful strobing effects. The Partybox 310 packs 18 hours of battery life to keep the music going all night long. It also features ipx4 splashproof protection, so you don't have to worry about the party being interrupted by rain.

For added convenience, the Partybox App lets you control the music and light show from your phone. You can switch tracks, change up the light show, control karaoke features and more. And, with the included power cord, quick-start guide, warranty sheet and safety sheet, you'll have everything you need to get the party started.

Whether you're throwing a backyard bash or a wedding reception, the JBL Partybox 310 is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack and light show for all occasions. Its powerful sound and long lasting battery will ensure your party will be one to remember. Plus, its versatile design allows you to use it indoors or outdoors. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the JBL Partybox 310 and make your next event a hit.

6. Jbl (2) Pro Jrx215 15" 2000w Professional Passive Pa/dj Speakers 8 Ohm Jrx 215

The JBL Pro JRX215 is a powerful and reliable sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. This two-way system features an impressive 15" JBL low frequency driver with a 64 mm (2.5 in) diameter edge wound ribbon voice coil and a JBL 2414H-C 25 mm (1 in) polymer diaphragm compression driver. It also has a advanced network topology crossover design, along with high-voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores and heavy gauge wire. Its progressive transition high frequency waveguide allows for accurate sound reproduction.

The JRX215 is housed in a 19 mm (0.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure and features a SonicGuard that protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance. It also has strong, non-resonant, all-steel handles and an 18-gauge hexagon perforated steel grille. For added convenience, it has a dual-angle pole-mount socket that allows the speaker to tilt 10°.

This loudspeaker system has a power rating of 250 W / 1000W, a frequency range of 41 Hz – 18 kHz and a frequency response of 59 Hz – 13 kHz. It has a sensitivity of 99 dB SPL and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. It is recommended to be used with an amplifier power of 250 W to 500 W into 8 ohms. It has a maximum SPL of 129 dB and a nominal dispersion of 90 x 50. The crossover frequency of this loudspeaker is 2.2 kHz and its dimensions are 699 mm x 460 mm x 432 mm (27.5 in x 18.1 in x 17 in) with a weight of 27.4 kg (60.5 lb). It has a JBL 2414H-C 1" exit compression driver mounted on a progressive transition waveguide and a JBL M115-8A low frequency driver. Additionally, this loudspeaker has parallel Neutrik Speakon NL-4 (x1) and .25in TS phone jack (x1) input connectors.

The JBL Pro JRX215 is an ideal sound reinforcement loudspeaker system for any professional application. With its impressive design and advanced features, it ensures clear and accurate sound reproduction for any performance.

7. Jbl Stadium 962c 6" X 9" Component System

The JBL Stadium 962C 6" x 9" Component System delivers an incredible audio experience with its powerful and dynamic sound. Its 6"x9" Plus One+ glass-fiber woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround and 3/4" edge-driven aluminum dome tweeter provide superior sound clarity and accuracy. It's capable of handling up to 145 watts RMS (435 watts peak power), giving you plenty of power to drive your audio system.

This component system is designed to provide superior sound quality in both low and high frequency ranges. The Plus One+ woofer cone uses a patented design that provides more surface area than traditional cone designs, resulting in improved bass response and higher sound pressure levels. The edge-driven aluminum dome tweeter provides smooth, natural highs, and the hi-roll rubber surround ensures that the low frequencies are accurately reproduced.

The JBL Stadium 962C 6" x 9" Component System is designed for durability and reliability. Its advanced construction ensures that the system will be able to withstand even the most intense listening sessions. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install, and its unique shape allows for easy placement in any vehicle.

The JBL Stadium 962C 6" x 9" Component System is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful and dynamic sound system. Its superior sound clarity and accuracy, combined with its robust design, make it a great choice for any audio enthusiast. With the JBL Stadium 962C, you can be sure that your audio system will provide the best sound quality for years to come.

8. Jbl Partybox 110 (Renewed) – Portable Party Speaker W/ Lights, Powerful Sound & Deep Bass

The JBL PartyBox 110 is the ultimate portable party speaker for music lovers who want to make their parties come alive. This powerful speaker features two levels of deep, adjustable bass and 160W of JBL Signature Sound, enough to fill any room with vibrant, powerful sound and deep bass. With a built-in rechargeable battery, you'll be able to keep the party going for up to 12 hours. And with IPX4 splash proofing, you won't have to worry about the party getting too wild.

But the JBL PartyBox 110 is more than just sound. It also comes with an array of vibrant lights designed to bring out the best in your music. Colors synched to the beat bring the music to life, while customizable strobes and patterns add a unique, immersive audiovisual experience. You'll feel like you're at a live show. And with the JBL PartyBox app, you can easily control your music, adjust settings, and customize the colors and patterns of your light show to create the perfect party vibe.

So if you're looking for a powerful, portable speaker that can turn any party into an unforgettable experience, look no further than the JBL PartyBox 110. With its powerful sound, deep bass, and dazzling light show, you'll have your friends dancing all night long.

9. Jbl – Partybox 310 – Black Jblpartybox310am (Renewed)

The JBL PartyBox 310 is the perfect speaker for any event. Featuring an impressive 240 watts of JBL Pro Sound, this speaker will mesmerize your audience with its dynamic light show that pulsates and strobes in time with the music. With 18 hours of battery life, you can keep the party going all night long. Additionally, the PartyBox 310 is crafted with IPX4 splashproof protection, ensuring that you can keep the music playing rain or shine.

The JBL PartyBox 310 also allows you to control your music experience directly from your smartphone or tablet with the JBL PartyBox app. With this app, you can switch tracks, adjust the light show, and even control karaoke features. And with the integrated carry handle and wheels, you'll be able to take your party to any location with ease.

Whether you're throwing a party or just want to add some music to your backyard BBQ, the JBL PartyBox 310 will provide non-stop entertainment. With its impressive sound, dazzling light show, and long battery life, your guests will be sure to have an unforgettable time. So make your next event a night to remember with the JBL PartyBox 310.

10. Jbl Basspro Hub – 11" Powered Subwoofer System, Black

The JBL Basspro Hub is an 11" powered subwoofer system that packs a punch. With a power output of 200W RMS and Bass Boost ranging from 0-12dB Variable @ Fix 50 Hz, this system will deliver deep, powerful bass. It's also designed to fit most vehicles with its dimensions of 14-3/16" x 6-1/2" (D360mm x H165mm). With a frequency response of 30Hz-150Hz, this subwoofer will bring a whole new level of sound to your car audio.

The BassPro Hub Subwoofer comes with all the necessary components to get you started. Included in the box are the BassPro Hub Subwoofer, Safety sheet, Quick Start Guide (full manual online), Hardware for attachment to vehicle, Wiring harness, and a Remote controller with 5 meters of cable. The remote controller allows you to customize the sound to your liking, so you can tweak the settings and get the perfect sound for your vehicle.

The JBL Basspro Hub is the perfect way to upgrade your car audio system. With its powerful output and wide frequency range, you can be sure to get an immersive sound experience in your vehicle. The included components make it easy to install, so you can get up and running in no time. Upgrade your car audio today and experience the power of the JBL Basspro Hub!

Jbl 2500 Speakers FAQs

What size is JBL 2500?

The JBL 2500 is a powerful two-way, full-range loudspeaker system that delivers high-quality sound for professional applications. It features two 15-inch woofers, two 8-inch mid-range drivers, and two 1-inch compression drivers. The total power handling capacity is 2500 Watts peak, with a frequency response range of 45Hz to 20kHz. It has a high-efficiency horn-loaded design with a wide 90-degree horizontal coverage pattern and a 40-degree vertical coverage pattern. The JBL 2500 is designed for use in medium- to large-sized venues and is capable of providing clear, crisp sound for audiences up to 250 people. It is constructed of heavy-duty components, including a rugged carpeted enclosure, and it is designed to handle road-worthy applications. The JBL 2500 is a reliable, professional-grade loudspeaker system that delivers powerful, high-quality sound for any type of live event.

What size woofer is JBL 2500?

The JBL 2500 is a 10-inch subwoofer, designed to provide powerful bass and sound reinforcement to any audio system. It features a high-efficiency design with a long-throw woofer and large-diameter voice coil for increased power handling. The JBL 2500 also has a frequency response of 30 Hz to 300 Hz and an amplified power of 400 Watts. It is an ideal choice for both home theater and professional applications for its incredibly deep and powerful bass response.

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