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Singer-songwriter Lauren Pritchard is a hard one to label, and that’s a good thing. She’s been compared to Adele, Norah Jones, and Carole King, but I’m not sure if any of those fit. I wish I could offer up a better comparison (in my mind, at least), but maybe Lauren Pritchard is sort of on her own soulful cloud. And that’s really the best complement I could ever give her.

If you’re not familiar with Pritchard’s music, her wonderful debut album, Wasted in Jackson, included the song “Stuck,” which has been turned into a pretty cool video. Take a moment, see if you like it.

Pritchard, who will be performing at The Firebird on April 10th, recently took the time to take part in our 10 to Spin series. She’s got killer taste, as we expected.

The “Repeat” Playlist.
These are songs that I could stick on repeat and never take off. For one reason or another, I’ve grown to love these songs. Some of them make me really sad, so I don’t turn them on that much; but each of them has an instant effect on my heart and mind and I like drifting off with them. I think it’s healthy to listen to the same songs over and over. It’s sort of like looking into those pictures of what you think is a blur and then you see the object that it makes after staring for a long time. I listen to a song over and over and I feel like I find the meaning. Though the person living next door or upstairs probably wants to strangle me for not changing the song, I don’t mind. We can’t help what we love, can we? I hope you make a repeat playlist of your own, too. –Lauren Pritchard

Jesus is Just Alright by The Doobie Brothers

This song always reminds me why I started playing music in the first place.

Down By The River by Neil Young

This song made me understand about letting love go away and how we all need to buck up sometimes.

Right On by The Roots feat. Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom’s voice is gorgeous.

F**k You by Cee Lo Green

We all wish we’d written this song, and I sing it at the top of my lungs.

Brand New Key by Melanie

The innuendos in the lyrics make me giggle. I love this song.

I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem

Choon. Choon. Choon.

Jungle by Professor Green feat. Maverick Sabre

I love how Green speaks about life, so honest, and I love the tone of Maverick’s voice. Gimme more.

Pop Life by Prince [listen]
He sums up our expectations for ourselves in this world, and he’s not far off, in my opinion.

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The best anthem song of 2010. Like no other.

This Old Heart of Mine by The Isley Brothers
I dedicated this song to someone once. I still sorta feel that way.

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