Lights (The Interview)

On Saturday, you’ll have two opportunities in Saint Louis to catch the phenomenon known as Lights. At 3:30, the Canadian sensation will be performing a special acoustic set at Vintage Vinyl, and later that evening, she’ll be doing a full electro-pop set at The Firebird. The latter should sound something like “Banner,” her latest single.

With over 840,000 “likes” on Facebook, you could say Lights is either well on her way, or has already arrived. Depends on your point of view. What we know for sure is that you better not wait to get tickets to see this wonder from Ontario do her thing on Saturday (she quickly sold out Cicero’s last time around).

We recently caught up with Lights over email.

I read that Siberia came from a happy place. Can you explain a little bit about your mindset while writing and recording the album?

In the couple of years leading up to Siberia I learned a lot about myself, my thresholds, my abilities. I fell in love for the first time, and I became that much more the person I can someday be. I felt this sort of peace and freedom when I was writing a lot of the songs, it felt like an adventure and less of an obligation to get something off my chest.

Take us through Lights’ normal day on tour.

Open eyes. Check phone and review emails for the day. Fall out of the bunk. Stumble into the front lounge and say “morrrrningg” to anyone that’s awake. Wipe my face, chug a bottle of water and eat yogurt with granola. Tweet about the show. Work on item of importance (anything from my computer science classes, to painting, to writing a topline on a track). Brush teeth, put on makeup. Puff hair. If there are interviews, do them. Say hi to the early birds in line. Sound check. Relax (anything from Scrabble to Skyrim). Have a glass of white zinfandel. Sing a bit of first song to warm up. Play show. Sweat. Smile, lay down.  

What’s going through your mind onstage while you’re playing a song like “Toes“?

Generally something like “Okay, off to a good start, nice. Sounding good, oh this is fun. Don’t fall out of key, careful now. Don’t miss a note. That guy has a Joy Division shirt on, nice! This part’s fun. And, done! Sweet.”

Finally, you’ll be playing in St. Louis on March 24th. What do you know about St. Louis?

I know that the last time we were there was only a few months ago, we played a small room and it sold out and was completely fun. And that’s why we’re coming back! It’s one of the few places we’re repeating on this tour.

Lights w/Ambassadors
The Firebird
Sat 03.24
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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