Local Natives Are Coming…Soon!

I first stumbled upon Local Natives when that fantastic video of the guys covering Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” went buzzing around the Interwebs. Even doing someone else’s (very famous) stuff, the band adds its own unique spin and is easy to love. Since that first glimpse of the Silverlake, California five-piece, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album, Gorilla Manor.

The band’s been garnering hype for seemingly forever, with just about every music blog I read chomping at the bit for the new album. Songs such as “Sun Hands” and “Airplanes” have been posted a number of times to give fans a sampler platter to munch on before the 12-song smorgasbord officially comes out on February 16, 2010 on Frenchkiss Records. Yesterday, the guys relaunched their website (it’s super weird and lovely), and they also announced that you can pre-order Gorilla Manor now. Check back often for acoustic versions of Gorilla Manor songs to be posted.

Until then, you can enjoy my personal favorite, “World News.”
Local Natives – World News

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