Nashville Indie Spotlight

Yesterday, in a blaze of glory, Tone Tree Music released the second annual Nashville Indie Spotlight exclusively at iTunes. It features 30 tracks by 30 of Music City’s finest, including several SIC favorites (Leagues, Courtney Jaye, Matthew Perryman Jones, Katie Herzig). 
One of the compilation’s brightest stars, Kate Tucker, a name you’ll soon know, likens the scene to New York in the seventies or Seattle in the nineties: “The Nashville Indie Spotlight is a shining example of the creative energy and collaborative potential that is growing exponentially here in Nashville right now. We are so grateful to be part of this inspiring independent scene and are thrilled to be featured on the Spotlight alongside some of Nashville’s finest independent artists.”
Track Listing 
Butterfly Boucher – Another White Dash (Birthday version) 
Peter Bradley Adams – Be Still My Heart 
Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden – Blue Hotel 
Maggie Eckford – Ghost 
Matthew Perryman Jones & Hammock – Unknown 
Jillian Edwards – Daydream 
Mindy Smith & Inland Sky – On Top Of The World 
Rebecca Roubion (featuring Jake Etheridge) – Break 
The Whistles and The Bells – Mercy Please 
Amy Stroup – Back Burner 
Ruby Amanfu – Bluff 
Korby Lenker – Forbidden Fruit 
Shannon Labrie – Homeland 
Colony House – Caught Me By Surprise 
Brooke Waggoner – Squint (JT Daly Remix) 
Emily West & K.S. Rhoads – Rainbow 
Jars of Clay – Ghost In The Moon 
Patrick O’Hearn & Peter Maunu – Out of Reach 
Angel Snow – Holdin On 
Morant – Immanuel 
Foreign Fields – Pillars 
Courtney Jaye – Following Behind 
Katie Herzig – Little Bit Of Love 
Sandra McCracken – The Wait 
A Thousand Champions – Lonely 
Amy Speace – The Sea & The Shore 
The Saint Johns – Josephine 
Trent Dabbs – A Thousand Nights 
Lera Lynn – Lying In The Sun 
Leagues – Walking On Water 
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