Neil Young Launches Solo Tour

Rust Never Sleeps, right?

Neil Young began his “Twisted Road” solo tour on Tuesday evening with “My My, Hey Hey,” the opening song off 1979’s Rust Never Sleeps.

We weren’t at the opener, but we’ll be at The Ryman on June 2nd with a full report. For now, check out the opening night’s setlist! (FYI: From what we can tell, some of these songs were performed solo electric!)

1) My My, Hey Hey
2) Tell Me Why
3) Helpless
4) I’m Working (new song)
5) The Dusty Valley (new song)
6) Love and War (new song)
7) Down By The River
8) Hitchhiker
9) Ohio
10) Sign of Love (new song)
11) Leia (new song)
12) After the Gold Rush
13) I Believe In You
14) All Around (new song)
15) Cortez the Killer
16) Cinnamon Girl

17) Walk With Me (new song)
18) Hey Hey, My My

Setlist courtesy of Thrasher’s Wheat

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